Alot of people think that aliens are going to arrive on ufos and look like strange little green foreign men, but the reality is they’ve already been here. Not on any UFO. And they are far from looking like Spock or your generic green little men. They look like you. They act like you. But they are not you. They are here to change the world we live in, and to prepare for something much greater. The arrival of the fifth dimension is nigh, and these people are trying to help others reach the ascension. Open your eyes, and you will realize nothing is ever as it seems in this world, and look at all the possibilities. Then you’ll come to realize that no matter our origins, Sirian or Elven, Starseed or Otherkin, Human or Animal, we are all alike in a way. And with that thought, it makes our universe seem much more than we already know.

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